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  • Aegean Rally

    Aegean Rally

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    Athens Trophy

  • Istioploikos Kosmos magazine

    Istioploikos Kosmos magazine

    Istioploikos Kosmos (World of Sailing), is a bi-monthly magazine created for the members of HORC. It is published continuously since 1987 and is distributed free of charge. During the past 24 years, Paralos Events and Design has been responsible for editing and designing Istioploikos Kosmos magazine. In 2016 we redesigned the web site of I.K. In it’s new form you can find the newest articles and a vast archive of every previous issue.
  • Bar in the clouds

    Bar in the clouds

  • Paramina Brochure

    Paramina Brochure



    We proudly present the portable Baggage Sizers, produced after extensive research and multiple technical tests, on behalf of Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air . The Baggage_Sizers are lightweight, fire retardant, licensed by the AIA and are already placed in several airports around the world, serving the needs of our customers. This is a unique, custom design, built from scratch, with an innovative view on materials, created and constructed by the close cooperation of our Research & Development and Technical teams. Photos : Vagelis Fragoulis Photography

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